Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients

Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients

Rebuild your chocolate empire


  • Manage a budget
  • Create a brand
  • Fight off competition and negotiate
  • Many chocolates and ingredients


  • Ad at start

Very good

Chocolatier 2 is much more than just a game about making sweets. Following up on the success of the first iteration of Chocolatier, this game lets you build your own chocolate empire.

You'll have to be an expert manager if you want to take control of Baumeister Confections. From haggling prices on ingredients at the market to controlling the production of sweets or negotiating sales, Chocolatier is a thrilling tycoon game. You'll have to travel around the world in your quest to make the company grow and even fight off competitors and deception in your very own company.

Once the company grows you'll be able to acquire new recipes and create more elaborate sweets, such as truffles or infusions. You'll even get to create your own brand and enter your company name and logo. Chocolatier involves managerial skils and strategy as success will come down to controlling well your budget and negotiating sales.

Chocolatier 2 brings more features to what is already an exciting game in the tycoon genre.

There's deceit and deception in the new chapter of the Chocolatier saga. A mole is controlling Baumeister Confections and it's up to you, along with the granddaughter of Evangeline, to build a new empire from the ground up and take over Baumeister Confections. Rise up in this industrial age of innovation and seek out secret ingredients to create rich new recipes!

  • 2 exciting game play modes: story and freeplay
  • 20 cities to travel to, and 72 recipes to acquire and create
  • 6 chocolate factories, 4 shops and 1 tasting laboratory all available for purchasing
  • Secret ingredients and hidden ports

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Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients


Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients

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